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Coach Eric Lindberg Scholarship

One $1,500 scholarship to a student athlete who believes in and displays the qualities that Coach Eric Lindberg worked to encourage and build in his student athletes including: exceptional work ethic, leadership, the highest character and a “we before me” attitude.

● No GPA minimum
● Participated in athletics at Oak Harbor High School
● High School Transcript
● List of school activities, community service, honors, awards and work experience
● 750 word or less essay that includes:
○ What have you learned from sports that will apply to your commitment to your continuing education and career goals
○ A circumstance in which you relied on perseverance to overcome adversity and achieve a successful result in sports or at school
○ A time in your life when you were a leader by example, leading to a positive result
● 3 letters of recommendation from people other than relatives. Each must include the reference’s name, address and phone number.

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