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OHEF Career & Tech Scholarship &
Naas Family Career & Tech Scholarship

$3,500 total split between 2-6 winners

● Minimum of 2 credits completed in Career and Technical Education courses, (List all):
● Intent to pursue a technical degree or certification at a college, vocational/technical school, or apprenticeship program
● High School Transcript
● List of school activities, community service, honors, awards and work experience
● Essay that includes the following: “What are your post high school plans and career goals? Why are you interested in this career? How were you prepared for this in high school? Why do you need this scholarship and what do you plan to do with money? Where do you plan to attend college or further your training? When would you want the scholarship funds transferred into that institution for your tuition?
● A letter of recommendation from people other than relatives. Each must include the reference’s name, address and phone number.

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